Business feeling a bit slow? How to speed growth and maintain it!


Find yourself sitting around in your office all day and the calls are just not coming in? feeling things are a bit too quiet but would like to spark up some energy and grow your business? Then you’ll be glad to know you’re not the only business owner who’s feeling this way.

With today’s environment and forecast on the economy, most entrepreneurs would think that this would most likely to be only someone’s ideal dream. But truth be told there are fast growing and strong businesses. Growing with the right approach and knowing how to get where they want to be. They have displayed resilience and strong grounding to still grow in this turbulent economy.

A few businesses I can name such as Tridant, Instagram,, Bluefin Payments, Adroll, BIOPAK, Zen Energy, and also the well renowned Instagram. These entrepreneurs have turned over millions in just 3 years from scratch for their businesses. Which gives me hope in a company where everyone’s filled with uncertainty and gloom on our financial outlook on the global economy. Below are a few suggestions and opinions I’d like to share with you on how to speed growth and maintain it for your business.

Define and Refine!

We all need to know what would be the definition of fast growth for our own business. it is critical to sit down and look through what tasks you would need to do, what skills are needed for the execution of those tasks, what systems can be implemented to ensure those tasks are completed more efficiently to free up funds and time for more pressing matters that need to be handled. Then Refine them to see if there are any smarter ways to increase the quality on the output of work. I recommend once or twice a month is sufficient enough once your business is flowing smoothly and running seamlessly.

Be Innovative, savvy and shiny!

When it comes to innovative, savvy, and shiny concepts  I believe Disney has mastered it! some of their attractions are just mind blowing, giving their customers an amazing experience that their competitors just aren’t able to match. at their disney land resort they placed a dream home with integrated digital technology that allows the 5,000 square foot estate to interact with itself inside and the community outside! it is just one of the concepts they have as an attraction at their Disney land resort part of which is known as tomorrowland to attract their customers. It’s a home that allows customers to see where you could sit down at your dinning table and have the customer interact with the dinning table to turn on the kettle which is only 5 metres away on the kitchen top!

or how about having control of the whole room from your lounge room chair with an interactive screen glass table that is able to adjust the mood lighting, the tv volume, open and close electric powered doors or even lock the front door? smart home technologies is already being developed right now as you’re reading this for the homes of the future! and these entrepreneurs know when it comes to business having that wow factor like Disney and being innovative with products like this is just as important for business growth, it creates a fascinating and an amazing experience for your customers and they will remember your brand for years to come!

Network and build relationships that are genuine!

There’s always the saying “Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!” This is true. having valuable contacts that can bring great resources and benefits to growing your business is always a godsend! but in turn we must ensure we also be prepared to be willing to be an asset to our contacts!! As they can not only bring valuable assets and resources but they can also bring, new information Keep you updated on current events also bring referrals – the list of benefits goes on! so if you consider yourself to be a people person. Then this will be a walk in the park for you!

Build a product that is highly convenient and that people will rely on heavily!

When you have a product that will take the pain out of work for your customers and is proven reliable. Then you’re definitely onto something highly profitable. Also a benefit of this I have learned that even if your product is priced more than your competitors, if your product is more convenient, they don’t care how much they have to spend! people pay alot more for the fact that it can save them time, or if it is less effort required to get a better result whilst using your products.

Convenience wins in the end,You can take the internet for example! from the moment they commercialised the internet to the public and have integrated a platform where users can access the web from their mobile phone’s people have been spending more time online than ever before! Thanks to social networking sites providing a convenient and fast way for people to communicate and interact with eachother has made entrepreneurs that started in their bedroom’s to multi billionaire internet giants with fast growth in other sectors.

Tap into people’s addictions and emotions.

Well I gotta admit this tactic isn’t new to the seasoned entrepreneur but I find it’s vital if you want sustainability in a fast growing business.

When coca-cola introduced in 1886, The prototype Coca-Cola recipe was formulated at the Eagle Drug and Chemical Company, a drugstore in Colum bus, Georgia, by John Pemberton, originally as a coca wine called Pemberton’s French Wine Coca. It originally was intentionally designed to be used as a medicine to cure fatigue and headaches. People loved the taste they felt emotionally refreshed from drinking it and found their bodies began to crave it which some people found pretty addictive because of the caffeine content! not only that Coca-Cola’s marketing strategies were very well targeted, their red coloured logo has all been designed to trigger a specific emotion. Now I personally don’t condone using strategies that can have devastating effects on people’s health! but I would suggest a way that would not only be beneficially healthy to the customer, but healthy to your business growth and sustainability to thrive and grow.

For example something that people would find extremely fun! the gaming industry proves that having a product that is addictive and fun that also can kill stress levels! it has grown to be worth more than $74 billion dollars and is forecasted to be $115 billion dollars by the year 2015 also playing video games has beneficial effects on the brain!

Specifically, video games seem to induce plasticity in the visual cortex — an area of the brain which influences how well you see and pay attention to objects in your visual field.

Bavelier and her colleagues have found that gamers are faster and more effective at filtering out irrelevant information and spotting targets in a cluttered scene. The size of their field of vision and their ability to track different moving objects in it is greater.

Blizzard the gaming company responsible for releasing games such as world of warcraft, diablo 1, 2 and 3, also the classic starcraft has hit $1 Billion in profit 2012 and yes that is NET profit!

If you are able to incorporate these tips into designing your next project or adopt them with a new product you’ll see faster growth and sustainability in no time at all, the only question you have to ask yourself is what you need to start doing?
I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any suggestions comments or opinions I welcome you to leave them for me.

Additional sources: BRW,  Forbes, Under30ceo,
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