Building resilience, how to overcome obstacles and be ahead of the game!

Resilience is key!

Resilience is key!

Let’s face it, when faced with the challenges of today’s environment, It’s absolutely a major asset to have a strong built inner resilience that you can rely on at any given time, those that cope extremely well have a resilience of standing strong and moving forward especially where other’s have been knocked down. after all it’s not great being out of the game and being left behind when we can be ahead…

In this post I will share a few effective suggestions that will help you bounce back up and see the light through any dark moment you should come across.

1. Strengthen your self esteem  Self esteem is absolutely vital from recovering after stressful and difficult situations. It’s also helpful when in future you will be faced with further situations which can prove to be challenging. being constantly reminded of your achievements will help build your inner strength and give you that confidence you need when faced with a similar difficult situation in the future.

People who also have mastered this ability tend to have a healthy respect for themselves they tend to like themselves more and are highly productive as they continuously desire to grow. They are more attractive, more pleasant to be around and give a good example of how contagious confidence can be. Find something you love about yourself, or think back to a time where you have accomplished something that you were really proud about and draw your strength from that. The more you do it the easier it becomes! The more your self worth grows and the more your self value expands, the more resilient you will feel! if you can trust me on this one the benefits will amaze you!

2. Learn to stay calm in all situations – When we learn to stay calm in all situations, not only does this allow things to go alot more smoothly, but may also turn the tides in your favor. Stress has proven itself to disrupt your thinking abilities when tackling challenging situations, it can also have many physical effects to your health and your emotions which are very unwanted and is a very useless emotion. Highly Successful people know this is absolutely essential and key to being resilient as it keeps them in control! to name a few such as Mark Bouris, Barack Obama, Manny Pacquiao, Jet Li, And Howard Schultz.

This will take practice but it’s very beneficial once you become competent. a few ways to reinforce your stability in staying calm include meditation, listening to calming music and playing that music in your head when faced with challenges, I recommend smooth jazz, classical music, piano sonata’s and some Cafe Del Mar. This will allow you to think clearly and discern situations without being hampered or disrupted allowing you to focus so you can remain in control.

3. Dominate your emotions, don’t be at their mercy – there’s a saying “one who masters their moods masters their destiny” and I couldn’t agree more! whoever imparted that wisdom onto others was a bright spark indeed! The good news is if we learn to identify all emotions then we can better manage them! all emotions are triggered by a certain thought whether it’s concious or sub-conscious they dictate how we feel. If we can stay in control of our thoughts then we can stay in control of our emotions.

If you allow your emotions to flow freely you are able to gain insight into what’s causing them which will help you manage the more difficult ones and resolve them with much more ease, elevating you into a much more positive emotion and diffusing the negative ones helping you remain resilient and strong.  I recommend reading this article if you would like certain methods on knowing how to master them.

4. Try to understand your frustrations rather than fall to them – It’s easy for people to start feeling frustrated, but once we learn to understand how it came to that point, right to the root core of how it all worked out. we are easily able to see a solution to achieve satisfaction should we encounter moments like that again. Can you put your frustration or problems into words? can you discern it in it’s entirety? with clearness and definition? once you have found the answers, then you will be able to see the solution more clearly and easily hence diffusing your frustration because you know how the problem works and you know exactly how to fix it with the solution, so that when faced with other situations in the future you will remain more confident and resilient because you will have more faith in your own ability to discern and diffuse it and you will then achieve satisfaction a lot more gracefully!

5. Think positive adopt an optimistic approach – thinking positive will not only help you stay resilient but it will also help you identify opportunities where other’s don’t! There is so much power behind positive thinking, and is a power that is accessible at any given time! It’s what makes people more empowered, it’s what builds relationships, it’s the force that makes businesses thrive! optimistic people also live longer and lead healthier lives and also have a higher chance of good things that can happen to them because they believe in it.

I recommend finding something to be grateful for if you’re not naturally optimistic, because this will allow you to shift your emotions to a deep sense of gratification and allow you to have a huge wave of positive thoughts! This method has changed peoples lives for the better! improved their financial stability, attained great rewards and achieved more satisfying lives through this method.

6. Sharpen and enhance your problem solving skills – this is absolutely vital for staying resilient and overcoming any obstacle! successful and powerful people embrace this and I suggest if you want a change then you do so as well! take up a few activities that will cultivate this, attempt to solve riddles! do a find a word! play puzzle games! do simple arithmetic excercises! these will all keep your skills sharpened and the brain active so that less brain power is needed in getting through those hurdles that hold you back in life and you can spend more time moving forward to achieving your next goal.

7. Find something to draw your strength from and build from it! – ever watched a movie that made you feel in touch with your inner strength? or listen to an inspiring uplifting piece of music? or do you feel more grounded from doing gardening or cleaning? Then I recommend thinking back to that moment often and taking these moments of strength with you into new challenges also dwell on them. A few movies I recommend watching are Rocky Balboa, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Great Debaters, Men of Honor, The Last Samurai and my personal favourite Fearless!  drawing your strength from movies or great moments where you went against all odds and came out on top will help you grow your confidence and inner strength and eventually improve your outlook and you will find yourself feeling a lot more stronger and empowered to go out and make a difference, you will believe in yourself!

8. Practice a martial art – practising a martial art can not only inspire confidence it strengthens your body and your mind! You can also make new friends and learn some vital life lessons, you can also develop a stronger sense of grounding which can help with your resilience and discipline your mind. It’s also great for to give you your much needed exercise and can also keep you safe. Celebrities practice martial arts to keep themselves performing at their peak and help them stay grounded.  it also helps with your mood and provides many more health benefits for your body such as cardiovascular improvements, can also aid those with weight loss and it’s a fun way to workout!

With a bit of practice on one of your preferred ways you feel appeals to you the most. you will notice that soon you will be strong and still able to grow in the most difficult of times. The only question is how much time will you invest into them to ensure having this asset of resilience will give you peace of mind in times of need? if you have any suggestions or feedback then please leave them for me I am more than happy to see them. Once again thank you for reading and I wish you all well!


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