How to unlock your power from within, to reach your full potential.

JoyOur heart is the very centre of our being, The human heart beats approximately 80,000 to 100,000 a day and pumps almost 2,000 gallons of blood.  It’s also responsible for producing the bodies most powerful electromagnetic field, which has the capability to have an amazing impact on our surrounding environment. There’s also scientific research that suggests the heart has the capacity to be receiving, processing and decoding intuitive information. Compelling evidence indicates the heart can receive intuitive information before the brain.

We’ve had this power all along inside of us, though we just need to learn how to unlock it and use it, so that way we may harness the power within it to accomplish whatever the need may be for the benefit of us all. To be able to unlock our full potential and use it at will, that’s exactly what I’m going to describe show you how to do.

But before I do I would like to give full credit to iamheart institute of applied meditation for these techniques, I have been practising these methods for the past 3 years and have seen groundbreaking improvements. The physical benefits experienced by practitioners of Heart rhythm meditation are:

Physical Benefits

  • Lower Blood Pressure – If you have high blood pressure Heart Rhythm Meditation can lower your blood pressure by 36 points systolic and 20 points diastolic.
  • Cardiac Function – Irregularities in the heart will be reduced while practising Heart Rhythm Meditation also increases the hearts power to function, giving it the benefit of improved circulation and decreases levels of fatigue
  • Metabolism – Improves digestion, and increases metabolism due to the rhythmic slow-paced squeezing of the abdominal muscles, and can also lowers stress levels.
  • Sleep – Makes one more skilled at changing the state of their conciousness which aids in sleeplessness. Also due to the nature of the method, where one will have to do a full exhalation to the point where they automatically trigger an inhalation, this can be helpful in the treatment of sleep apnea
  • CNA – Central Nervous System Activity, practising heart rhythm meditation has the power to be in a state of being relaxedness yet also be alert.

Emotional Benefits

  • Restore Optimism – optimism is the by-product of a healthy and strong heart and can have a strong impact at how you see your environment, your performance at work and your life, whether it be financially, socially or spiritually. you will be guided by the power that you unlock inside your heart.
  • Enhance Communication – when you speak from your heart your voice and your emotion reaches to the hearts of others. It gives you insight into your deepest feelings which will empower you with integrity to speak your truth.
  • Increase scope of influence – Your heart is magnetic, and its magnetic field can extend further when you are conscious of your heart. Your magnetism carries your thoughts and feelings. Your peace is literally broadcasted from your heart, helping to create peace in others.
  • Insight into the heart’s of others – through your heart you will be able to read into the heart’s of others, be able to see their true nature.
  • Profound unconditional happiness – A happiness more intense than pleasure, which does not rely on any reason aside from the fact that you know your heart is healthy and strong, you will learn true joy from its very nature.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Be connected to everything around you – everything that we are connected through we are connected through our hearts and breath is the bridge between us. With access to your heart, you will never be lonely, as separation is a notion of the mind, not the reality of your heart
  • Find fulfillment and meaning to your life – Be empowered to fully express all your talents, abilities and gifts through harnessing the power deep within your heart.
  • Inner Guidance and groundedness – There’s a saying I once heard when looking for guidance most people go looking externally, when what we’re actually looking for has been internal all along, It’s like looking for your car keys outside of your house when you’ve left them inside all along. Your heart will guide you with a sense of whats “right” for you, which will bring harmony, kindness, productiveness and happiness. Your mind can be directionless when left in charge, but can be an able servant of your heart when guided by it.
  • Find your purpose – you will be able to find your purpose again in life, every action, thought and emotion you feel will be directed at your life’s purpose which is found inside of your heart through practising heart rhythm meditation.

Mental Benefits

  • Maximize Concentration – every key ingredient to a goal is to have a laser like focus and a powerful well-defined and clear focus that will keep us on the right path, which is vital for any success which is what you can experience through heart rhythm meditation
  • Reduce Stress – whether you’re running a business, or managing a role with high responsibilities that are very demanding, you cannot afford to let stress get the better for you! Heart rhythm meditation improves your hearts resilience allowing you to stay calm and happy with focused
  • Improve Creativity – Creativity is an outcome of the heart’s activity. There is no problem too great for creativity to solve. But the mind gets easily trapped in its expectations, based on history. The future is not limited by the past; it can change suddenly in unexpected ways. Creativity produces the unexpected result that matches the real situation. Only the heart can do this.
  • Develop Decisiveness – A mind guided by a healthy heart will be able to decide on a plan to reach the hearts true desire on what it see’s right, It will always help you make decisions that you know that you want deep inside you with a lot more ease.

By practising heart rhythm meditation, not only will you be able to enrich and enhance any desired area of your life, but you will be able to do it with your full potential, you will experience all the joy and love and abundance that life has to offer.

To start I will share the steps you will need to do to ensure you get maximum benefits.  But first I would like to show you the basics in posture, you will need to ensure that you will be able to find a place free of distractions, and sit that your body is completely aligned, sit up straight, you can do this on a chair or if you wish you can also lay flat on your bed It’s your choice.

heartStep 1 – become aware of your breath, notice the pattern of your inhale and exhale, it has a meaning! if your breathing is fast it could be cause your either worried, or have been working at a very fast pace. If it’s slow then you should be relaxed and calm, at ease. notice this as it reflects your emotional state, notice the pauses between each breath how long they are. Once you have become conscious of your breath move to the next step.

Step 2 – Take control of your breath, try to make your inhalation and your exhalation the same length, whilst doing this make your focus begin to center in on your heart. Also you will need to ensure to keep your breath silent and smooth, Notice your pulse anywhere you can feel it and follow it whilst repeating these instructions. Once you have mastered this your breathes will become more rhythmic and your heart’s rhythm will soon follow.

Step 3 – When you have reached the end of your exhalation, exhale a bit further to reach the absolute bottom of your breath. You will be rewarded with energy and inspiration for your efforts. Though this is extremely important, DO NOT PAUSE! inhale immediately once you have done this.

Once you have mastered all 3 steps, there are 2 methods that I will share with you, one that will make your heart radiate with magnetic waves of rhythm and harmony, the other will hold concentration on your heart and will allow you access to its power that’s always been within you.

Swinging Breath 

The first method is the swinging breath to start you will need to combine steps 2 and 3 together, you will need to use your pulse as a counter. Look for the pulse throughout your body and for 8 counts breathe in and out for 8 counts. you will need to use the last 4 – 3 seconds of your reach your absolute exhale. Continue to do this and feel as your heart is now radiating magnetic energy is rhythmic and harmonic.

Square Breath

This is known as the square breath method, which will give you access to our hearts power and allow you to hold concentration on your heart and unlock its power. Inhale for 8 pulses (using your pulse as a counter again), then hold your breath for 16 pulses (never hold on the exhale) whilst holding your breathe, feel your heartbeat within your chest. The longer you hold your breath the “louder” your heartbeat will get. Then exhale for 8 pulse counts. Holding your breath in your heart will expand your heart magnetically and you’ll feel the power of this in your chest.

Once you have mastered these methods feel free to share your experiences with me I look forward to hearing about how this has helped you and if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to share them below, I wish you all well.

Now go out there and live with power!

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