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The Miraculous Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom


Staying sharp is absolutely vital for anyone who wishes to be on top of their game, if we want to be all that we can be it’s absolutely critical to ensure we take measures to look after all aspects of our health so that we can thrive and excel in what we do.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom also known as monkey head mushroom, can help inhibit brain dysfunction that are seen with Alzheimer’s disease, adding lion’s mane mushroom to your diet can prevent dementia and acts as a tonic to the synthetic nervous system.

Other health benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom are:

  • boosts immune system and fights cancer
  • Stimulates Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)
  • Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Removes the unwanted toxins in our body

They also help promote a healthier digestive system and can expedite the healing of ulcers. They are completely natural and have no reported side effects, They can be used in a few dishes such as soup recipes, vegetable and meat dishes, there is even a saffron and apple recipe.

They’re grow on hardwood trees, that are already dying or dead and also grow in Japan, and North America. In Chinese tradition emperors were only allowed to eat lions mane mushroom as they knew how potent it was, which also showed that Chinese doctors already saw it’s medical health benefits.

Lions mane mushroom can treat:

  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Senility
  • Parkinson’s Disease

So if you wish to stay sharp and all times and enhance the health of your nervous system and keep your mind fit, then have a look into taking some lion’s mane mushroom supplements. This can be added to your everyday diet which you can then use to counter Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia which is pretty simple seeing as you only have to eat it to receive all these benefits from it.

Isn’t it great that you can just eat your way to better memory function or enhanced cognitive function? all you need is a few recipes with lions I recommend having it with tofu with chicken mixed in with a few vegetables, They also can be added to this soup recipe, also this fried monkey head mushroom recipe is sure to set your mouth to water.

You can also order the supplements below in compact supplement containers with 120 caps in each (click on the picture to get price)419j6gaYZ5L41As+eOJvNL._SY450_


How a good detox can lift your productivity and cut the weight!

digestion6When toxins build up in our bodies, It can have unwanted effects on our mental health and our physical health, although our bodies have a natural detoxification process, in our current world we live in today there are many more added toxins and pollutions that our body has to constantly work harder to rid of.

People who don’t detox often experience lack of concentration, find it difficult to sleep, and also experience decreased energy levels, with so many important matters that require us to be on top of our energy levels this can effect people’s performance and ability to react and make decisions and also leave them in a very poor mood.

timthumbPeople who do detox on a regular basis have increased productivity experience the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Concentration and focus to help achieve results needed to advance forward
  • Sleep better, allowing the body to repair itself and boost productivity for the next day
  • higher energy levels to perform tasks that require alot of physical and mental energy with ease
  • Feel and Look healthier, they have better moods and are able to enjoy themselves more.

It also takes the strain off their organs such as their liver, colon, gallbladder, kidneys, and lungs just to name a few, preventing them from being over worked and to have a persistently high standard of increased health benefits. The feeling of wellbeing  will also encourage you to kick bad habits and addictions out of your life in order to maintain it.

some ways you can detox are very simple and easy to apply to experience all the health benefits above

1. Ensure you eat foods that are rich in vitamin C which will help your body produce glutathione that wards off toxins

2. Eat plenty of organic foods such as brown rice, vegetables and cut the refined sugars that can be found in many of food products such as white bread, soft drinks and fast food, I know alot of people aren’t fond of their greens especially if you’re used to eating hot fast food, though you can mix your meats in with vegetables which is just as good! also they can be just as tasty click here to see my article on some great recipes.

3. Drink a tall glass of water and combine it with half a lemon  squeezed into the water as it cleans out your body and you can feel a sense of refreshment and upliftment immediately from it! also it helps you to control your appetite and naturally stimulate metabolism burning fat and put you on your way to feeling and looking great!

4. Sweating it out in a Sauna, as the body sweats it flushes out the toxins and all waste with it, this also allows the muscles to relax and soothes aches and pains in tight muscles.

For more ways to detox, I recommend reading this article because it’s absolutely crucial to stay at the top of your game, no matter who you are.


I say get started today and experience immediate benefits, for expert tips and advice I say its absolutely compulsory to read The Beauty Detox Foods It will tell you what to eat for optimum results and also save you money to get glowing skin, and amazing hair so not only will you feel great you will also look great!

61caAgNwwgL._SY355_Or if you would like a more simple way to enjoy a nice detox after a long day, and all you want to do is just relax, then take a look at this foot spa

It will leave you feeling mentally and physically renewed and rebalanced as the warm water soothes your feet.

Fuel your body for success, why top performers choose the healthy diet

4814287904_bb43e024c9_b (1)Every successful person knows that fuelling your body with the right food will make a big difference with several different factors in your life. Eating the right foods can have a number of benefits though the problem is a lot of people are eating less healthier than they think they are. With fast processed, convenient tasty greasy food so easily available and affordable, some people have no idea the impact it can have on their physical health and on their mental health. 

some of the unwanted effects it can have on people are:

  • Lack of energy
  • Distorted fuzzy thinking
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Obesity

Healthy Eating

And the list goes on to more serious long term effects from bad eating habits including higher risks of stroke and higher stress levels as unhealthy foods lead to poor mood and can lead to unwanted results in a persons life.

Though now we face a problem that we can so easily rectify, the main cause of this mindless eating is because we enjoy the flavour of these foods, not only that! some fast food companies had certain “additives” in their food to make us feel hungrier or even crave them! painting a widely gross picture for a huge public health risk for childhood obesity just to fill their wallets with a huge silver lining of profits. But now if you find yourself in this picture, there is always hope and what I’m saying is yes, you can change your mood, your shape, raise energy levels just by eating the right foods, whilst at the same time enjoying great delicious flavours! You can regain control of your eating habits, feel 100% and get back on the right track again.

Eating the right food can enhance your cognitive brain function, allowing for clear concise and focused thinking, allowing for high quality performance in any task you undertake, any plan you contemplate, and any success that will come to date. The university of South Dakota had done a study that shows people’s diets do effect their decision making. If you’re like me and dislike the taste of plain and bland vegetables and what not, then know you’re not the only one! I can show you a few recipes that are both filling, satisfying and look delicious!

Leftover-chicken-salad-with-snow-peas_-cucumbers_-red-bell-pepper_-and-thai-basil-309758-274211.cardOne of my favourites as you can see on the right here is called Thai Peanut Chicken Salad with peanuts, snowpeas and capsicum. Checkout the recipe here!

Not only does it look good and taste good, here are the benefits it has on the body:

  • Prevents Cancer
  • Speeds up metabolism helping the body burn more calories reducing fat
  • Prevents inflamation and eye disease
  • Antibacterial effects boosts immune system
  • Prevents bloating aids with digestion
  • Improves circulation around the body

7-Grilled_Salmon_with_Orzo_Salad-400Are you feeling hungry yet? we’re only just beginning, this next dish is called Grilled Salmon Orzo Salad, and yes you can check the recipe for it here.

Grilled Salmon Orzo Salad also gives the following health benefits:

  • Great for your heart and can lower cholesterol
  • Improves your memory
  • Protects your nervous system from the effects of deterioration that come from age
  • Is an anti-depressant can improve mood
  • helps your brain function and work better
  • lowers blood sugar levels and aids in prevention of diabetes

Food52Another great recipe to enjoy is Farro Salad with roasted mushrooms and Parmesan, the recipe can be learned right here! The flavours are always satisfying and filling with this nice hot dish.

It’s health benefits also include:

  • Prevents Breast Cancer
  • Boost the immune system and strengthens it
  • Lowers cholesterol and helps burn fat
  • Abolish Acne thanks to the lemon juice contained in the recipe
  • relieves fatigue and anxiety
  • aids in detoxing the body from unwanted toxins

Ok seeing as I have some mouths already watering I’ll list one more recipe which I’m sure is not only tasty filling and gives all the good health benefits good food should provide. But I’ll even stick a huge picture up on this one just so you can have an idea of how filling it can be on your dining table.


The recipe for this delicious dish can be found here!

Oh did I mention that it also has some great health benefits?

  • cleanses the body and detoxes
  • prevents mental such as alzheimer’s
  • boosts brain performance enhancing productivity abilities
  • raises energy levels for the whole body leaving you energized feeling great
  • Boosts libido (yes it helps in the production for those hormones)
  • full of minerals and vitamins essential for our bodily functions

If you would like to also learn a few great recipes that are not only light on the stomach, but also light on your wallet. I recommend visiting the site has a great variety of recipes and also deserts do not only look delicious they ARE delicious! there is also an interesting news section at the front home page where it’s worth a read.

Now you can understand and get an idea why millionaires, high performing individuals such as fitness trainers, athletes, real estate agents, and sales people choose these foods over anything else, It’s because it enhances their abilities and allows them to be at their full potential.

So you can either choose to keep eating crap fast greasier food at your own agony, or you can make the move and help yourself reach your goals and overcome your obstacles to a better lifestyle that you can claim with all your new-found energy confidence and joy.

What we eat changes everything in our life. Learn how we can make food effect our spirit, our energy, right to our brain chemistry, that makes it possible for us to think and also FEEL in a way crucial to our success!

Get your hands on a copy of Feeding Body, Mind and Soul: How What Goes In Changes Everything, and take charge to empower yourself today. 

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