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Back from MIA!

ImageHi everyone! I have to apologise I have not been able to keep my promise to update this blog weekly, at the moment have too many commitments! though recently my wife just gave birth to my beautiful baby daughter named Grace, she is now 2 weeks and 6 days old, even though she’s been keeping me up late at night really well worth it!

So I gotta say I’m glad I found the time now to keep in touch with everyone! (really sorry about that guys) so with the new changes in place I will now be updating this blog on a ad-hoc basis monthly.

I’m glad everyone has come by and enjoyed all my previous posts! so anyway with that done, today I’ll leave you with something deep.

Beliefs, they are so powerful! once a belief is set in it is very difficult to shake it! if you truly believe in it with all your heart, for example if you believe you are going to make it work out! that’s exactly what’s going to happen. The difference between those that succeed and those that don’t is how strong their beliefs are and what type of beliefs they have.

There’s a saying from the bible Matthew 21:22 If you believe you will receive, whatever you ask for in prayer. So be careful of your beliefs, because if you believe you won’t make it happen, it’s almost a cinch it won’t though if you do, when you do! the perseverance, guidance and motivation will come to you once you do start to truly believe in yourself and believe in you are capable.



Just when you think you can’t… think again!

ImageYou can definitely make your goals and dreams a reality, if you have it within you! If you’re saying to yourself you can’t, cannot then you’re about to find out why even an 8 year old is making their dreams come true. With a passion and a purpose they moved forward against all odds and made it a reality.

Sarkis Johnson – A young teenager with a love for skateboards, turned his dream into a reality at the age of 13 when he founded liquid chicken clothing line with the support of his family he turned his dreams and his passion into his lifestyle which he continues to enjoy today. As a young toddler his family says he was put on a skateboard and that’s when his love affair with skating began!

Leanna Archer – at heart this young teen new she wanted to be part of something that she saw as wonderful at the age of 11, her passion and dream was to be within the beauty industry! 4 years ahead she started Leanna’s hair and is now living her dreams with profits soaring over $83,988 she definitely made her mark, and has been enjoying alot of attention from the media, she has been featured with Janet Jackson, The Wendy William’s show and has been the youngest CEO ever to open shares on NASDAQ stock exchange. So are you still saying you can’t?

Sean Belnick – 14 years old started his own direct shipping company for office furniture, he founded the business in 2001 from his bedroom, and now sells directly to notable clients such as the pentagog, Microsoft and American Idol, and all he needed to begin was $500 makes you wonder what would you do for $500?

Cameron Johnson – Brothers and sisters are always there to help eachother out when in need right? that’s actually what Cameron did, he sold his sisters product Beanie Babies on the internet and cleaned up with a good $50,000 in profit, at the age of 15, he became the youngest american to be elected to a board of directors based in Tokyo, he acquired a diverse knowledge and some seriously mad marketing skills, he enjoyed appearances on major shows such as Oprah Winfrey, CNBC, MSNBC, he hosted season 4 of beat the boss which is being aired on BBC In the UK. Makes you think KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

If a teenager as young as 15 can achieve such astonishing success in their dreams, what makes you sit there and say that you can’t? I say GET GOING your dreams are waiting for you to make them happen, and you’re the one calling the shots!

How sleep can boost productivity, why you should sleep on it!

wake upMany of us need to sleep! but not many people know how effective a good nights sleep can help us! yes we all do understand it provides our body the energy it needs to perform throughout the day, though how about taking a quick nap to sharpen your brain? or how it can improve our productivity? or even to improve memory? I will explain about the benefits of having a good quality sleep below that most people don’t know below. Sleep is good for our health because:

  • It can keep your heart beating strong!

A study from the Journal Nature found heart attacks occur between 1am and 5am. lack of sleep effects your blood pressure and doesn’t help with your cholesterol.  By sleeping a good 7 – 9 Hours as recommended by        experts would keep your heart healthy and primed to keep those beats pumping!

  • Sleeping has a chance to prevent cancer

Your body at night produces a hormone called melatonin, a hormone produced which makes us feel sleepy and also help prevent cancer, to ensure you get a good production amount of melatonin, it is highly recommended to keep the room completely dark when you sleep so that no light can come through as this can effect the amount of melatonin being produced.

  • womansleeping Sleep increases our alertness

When we wake up more energized and refreshed, we tend to be more engaged in what we are doing. It’s excellent to take advantage of this energy as soon as you wake up and be as active as possible throughout your day, because as we sleep that following night more deeply we tend to have more energy the next day!

  •  Sleep can enhance and improve your memory

While we’re sleeping our brains are busy analyzing your day, it’s constantly connecting events through sensory input, feelings, and memory, getting a good deep quality sleep will help you remember and process anything that happens in your day better, compared to someone who doesn’t sleep as good. Also by napping as necessary once or twice during the day also improves your mood, memory, and cognitive abilities. It can also protect your health and increase your productivity.

To ensure we sustain a good quality of sleep, we also must ensure we have the right mattress, having the right mattress can not only encourage deeper sleeps that are rejuvenating and provide all the health benefits. it can provide the right support for our back and relieve pressure off our hips and shoulders, I like the gel memory foam based mattresses, for many reasons which I’ll list below, though they are great because they are anti allergic aswell which is wonderful for me as I don’t want to wake up with stuffy sinuses!

Other features and benefits the gel memory foam mattresses provide are:

  • 120605_gel-memory-foamPressure relief: One of the beautiful things about a gel memory foam mattress is that it takes the pressure off any painful pressure points while you sleep, allowing your body to gently be cradled so the pain is eliminated, allowing for a more deeper continuous sleep to let you wake up bright each morning
  • Increased air circulation: Thanks to the gel bead technology infused into memory foam, this allows the cell structure to remain open allowing air to flow through. This prevents any heat from your body that transfers into the mattress become trapped and allows a sustained cool temperature during your slumbers
  • Provides balanced support to your body: Your body is given support in all the right places, and has been designed to give extra support where it’s really needed, allowing the mattress to fit to your body providing a comfortable sleeping surface that is right for your body.
  • Spinal alignment: When the pressure is taken off any areas such as your shoulders and ships and your body is correctly supported, this allows your spine to align, which will allow you to wake up with a back that feels great, your body rejuvenated.
  • Resist motion transfer technology: If you find yourself waking up from your partner’s movements in your sleep, you can now enjoy a peaceful slumber as gel memory foam mattresses ensure that your space isn’t disturbed allowing you to maintain your slumber peacefully

This is why anyone who care’s about their sleep knows that it boosts their productivity, it counters their stress levels, boosts their cognitive function and the more they have a balanced and healthy sleep the more they can handle challenges with ease. increase your quality of sleep to boost your productivity today click here and have a gel foam mattress delivered straight to your home!

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