How to unlock your power from within, to reach your full potential.

JoyOur heart is the very centre of our being, The human heart beats approximately 80,000 to 100,000 a day and pumps almost 2,000 gallons of blood.  It’s also responsible for producing the bodies most powerful electromagnetic field, which has the capability to have an amazing impact on our surrounding environment. There’s also scientific research that suggests the heart has the capacity to be receiving, processing and decoding intuitive information. Compelling evidence indicates the heart can receive intuitive information before the brain.

We’ve had this power all along inside of us, though we just need to learn how to unlock it and use it, so that way we may harness the power within it to accomplish whatever the need may be for the benefit of us all. To be able to unlock our full potential and use it at will, that’s exactly what I’m going to describe show you how to do.

But before I do I would like to give full credit to iamheart institute of applied meditation for these techniques, I have been practising these methods for the past 3 years and have seen groundbreaking improvements. The physical benefits experienced by practitioners of Heart rhythm meditation are:

Physical Benefits

  • Lower Blood Pressure – If you have high blood pressure Heart Rhythm Meditation can lower your blood pressure by 36 points systolic and 20 points diastolic.
  • Cardiac Function – Irregularities in the heart will be reduced while practising Heart Rhythm Meditation also increases the hearts power to function, giving it the benefit of improved circulation and decreases levels of fatigue
  • Metabolism – Improves digestion, and increases metabolism due to the rhythmic slow-paced squeezing of the abdominal muscles, and can also lowers stress levels.
  • Sleep – Makes one more skilled at changing the state of their conciousness which aids in sleeplessness. Also due to the nature of the method, where one will have to do a full exhalation to the point where they automatically trigger an inhalation, this can be helpful in the treatment of sleep apnea
  • CNA – Central Nervous System Activity, practising heart rhythm meditation has the power to be in a state of being relaxedness yet also be alert.

Emotional Benefits

  • Restore Optimism – optimism is the by-product of a healthy and strong heart and can have a strong impact at how you see your environment, your performance at work and your life, whether it be financially, socially or spiritually. you will be guided by the power that you unlock inside your heart.
  • Enhance Communication – when you speak from your heart your voice and your emotion reaches to the hearts of others. It gives you insight into your deepest feelings which will empower you with integrity to speak your truth.
  • Increase scope of influence – Your heart is magnetic, and its magnetic field can extend further when you are conscious of your heart. Your magnetism carries your thoughts and feelings. Your peace is literally broadcasted from your heart, helping to create peace in others.
  • Insight into the heart’s of others – through your heart you will be able to read into the heart’s of others, be able to see their true nature.
  • Profound unconditional happiness – A happiness more intense than pleasure, which does not rely on any reason aside from the fact that you know your heart is healthy and strong, you will learn true joy from its very nature.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Be connected to everything around you – everything that we are connected through we are connected through our hearts and breath is the bridge between us. With access to your heart, you will never be lonely, as separation is a notion of the mind, not the reality of your heart
  • Find fulfillment and meaning to your life – Be empowered to fully express all your talents, abilities and gifts through harnessing the power deep within your heart.
  • Inner Guidance and groundedness – There’s a saying I once heard when looking for guidance most people go looking externally, when what we’re actually looking for has been internal all along, It’s like looking for your car keys outside of your house when you’ve left them inside all along. Your heart will guide you with a sense of whats “right” for you, which will bring harmony, kindness, productiveness and happiness. Your mind can be directionless when left in charge, but can be an able servant of your heart when guided by it.
  • Find your purpose – you will be able to find your purpose again in life, every action, thought and emotion you feel will be directed at your life’s purpose which is found inside of your heart through practising heart rhythm meditation.

Mental Benefits

  • Maximize Concentration – every key ingredient to a goal is to have a laser like focus and a powerful well-defined and clear focus that will keep us on the right path, which is vital for any success which is what you can experience through heart rhythm meditation
  • Reduce Stress – whether you’re running a business, or managing a role with high responsibilities that are very demanding, you cannot afford to let stress get the better for you! Heart rhythm meditation improves your hearts resilience allowing you to stay calm and happy with focused
  • Improve Creativity – Creativity is an outcome of the heart’s activity. There is no problem too great for creativity to solve. But the mind gets easily trapped in its expectations, based on history. The future is not limited by the past; it can change suddenly in unexpected ways. Creativity produces the unexpected result that matches the real situation. Only the heart can do this.
  • Develop Decisiveness – A mind guided by a healthy heart will be able to decide on a plan to reach the hearts true desire on what it see’s right, It will always help you make decisions that you know that you want deep inside you with a lot more ease.

By practising heart rhythm meditation, not only will you be able to enrich and enhance any desired area of your life, but you will be able to do it with your full potential, you will experience all the joy and love and abundance that life has to offer.

To start I will share the steps you will need to do to ensure you get maximum benefits.  But first I would like to show you the basics in posture, you will need to ensure that you will be able to find a place free of distractions, and sit that your body is completely aligned, sit up straight, you can do this on a chair or if you wish you can also lay flat on your bed It’s your choice.

heartStep 1 – become aware of your breath, notice the pattern of your inhale and exhale, it has a meaning! if your breathing is fast it could be cause your either worried, or have been working at a very fast pace. If it’s slow then you should be relaxed and calm, at ease. notice this as it reflects your emotional state, notice the pauses between each breath how long they are. Once you have become conscious of your breath move to the next step.

Step 2 – Take control of your breath, try to make your inhalation and your exhalation the same length, whilst doing this make your focus begin to center in on your heart. Also you will need to ensure to keep your breath silent and smooth, Notice your pulse anywhere you can feel it and follow it whilst repeating these instructions. Once you have mastered this your breathes will become more rhythmic and your heart’s rhythm will soon follow.

Step 3 – When you have reached the end of your exhalation, exhale a bit further to reach the absolute bottom of your breath. You will be rewarded with energy and inspiration for your efforts. Though this is extremely important, DO NOT PAUSE! inhale immediately once you have done this.

Once you have mastered all 3 steps, there are 2 methods that I will share with you, one that will make your heart radiate with magnetic waves of rhythm and harmony, the other will hold concentration on your heart and will allow you access to its power that’s always been within you.

Swinging Breath 

The first method is the swinging breath to start you will need to combine steps 2 and 3 together, you will need to use your pulse as a counter. Look for the pulse throughout your body and for 8 counts breathe in and out for 8 counts. you will need to use the last 4 – 3 seconds of your reach your absolute exhale. Continue to do this and feel as your heart is now radiating magnetic energy is rhythmic and harmonic.

Square Breath

This is known as the square breath method, which will give you access to our hearts power and allow you to hold concentration on your heart and unlock its power. Inhale for 8 pulses (using your pulse as a counter again), then hold your breath for 16 pulses (never hold on the exhale) whilst holding your breathe, feel your heartbeat within your chest. The longer you hold your breath the “louder” your heartbeat will get. Then exhale for 8 pulse counts. Holding your breath in your heart will expand your heart magnetically and you’ll feel the power of this in your chest.

Once you have mastered these methods feel free to share your experiences with me I look forward to hearing about how this has helped you and if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to share them below, I wish you all well.

Now go out there and live with power!


23 Affirmations to enrich your life and bring you joy!

ImageHaving a set of affirmations are a great way to define your focus on what you want to see happen for your future. When we deliberately set our thoughts on a certain affirmation our attention will soon follow. If we want to see a good change outside of us. We first have to make this change from within us.

If we feed our brains with empowering and healthy thoughts then our brain will put out. But if we feed crap into our brains, then guess what? you get crap out of it!

Which is why it’s beneficial to constantly pin an affirmation towards our personal, financial, physical, emotional, social goals they can assist in achieving them. They simply have the power to change the way we feel, the way we perceive the situation in front of us and identify opportunities to change the tides in our advantage.

I recommend chanting them daily once a day, or as many times as you like as long as you have done it once a day then that’s more than enough. after 14 days of following an affirmation you will soon see its effects.

As Alexander Graham Bell Says…

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

You can do it in the mirror say it to yourself with love. When you just wake up and your leaving the house to go to your work, business, meetings. Then notice how you feel after.

1. I am a creator and master of my life. 

2. Everything I do, I do it with confidence, joy, poise and grace.

3. I pay all my bills with love always on time, because I know an abundance of wealth flows within me.

4. I am a social genius, I create, nourish and maintain healthy and close relationships consistently.

5. I get a deep sense of gratification from all the work I do.

6. I wake up each day feeling empowered and refreshed, ready for each day to break through any barriers and overcome all obstacles.

7. When I speak, I communicate articulately and eloquently, my voice has the power to change situations into my favour and create the future that I want.

8. I have a deep healthy sense of respect and love for myself. I appreciate all the efforts I have done past and present to put myself in a better position for my future.

9. I invest, save and make my money wisely, my money works for me I am a financial genius and always have a fresh set of effective ideas on how to make my money.

10. I make the most use of my time, I invest it wisely in activities that are beneficial for myself and  for others that I love around me.

11. I look after myself well, I eat the right foods and I do exercises that strengthen my body and increase my wellbeing.

12. I constantly am able to see the bright side of life. 

13. I refuse to let any negative emotions or thoughts have any power over me, I have power over all my thoughts and turn negative thoughts or emotions into positive and empowering ones.

14. I allow myself to relax easily.

15. I can understand and discern things accurately with thoughts that are complete and uplifting.

16. I constantly seek to improve myself I always enjoy learning new things that are good for my mind body and spirit.

17. I feel grounded and safe, I walk, talk, and live with power.

18. I constantly am an inspiration to myself and others around me, I love to help others and give advice.

19. I see every day as a brand new day always full of excitement and joy.

20. I appreciate the good things in life and the good blessings I have received throughout my journey so far.

21. I know I am in control of my future and can change anything that I am currently not happy with in my life to what I want it to be.

22. I am connected to all things around me and I am at ease with everything around me.

23. I am always honest and in touch with my true self.

By declaring these affirmations on a daily basis you will begin to see how it will change your thoughts for your better and in turn take control of things. It doesn’t matter what your current position is, it’s your disposition that counts.

if you have any comments or suggestions you would like to add, please do so and thank you for reading I wish you all well!

Self Helplessness; Why it’s a dream killer and how you can breakthrough and regain control


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When you’ve got goals, big dreams and plans for yourself, coming across a situation that renders you feeling helpless to the point where you feel powerless can be a pain. a real big pain! It’s a pain that can cause many unwanted effects including severe depression, low self esteem and also feel a low sense of worth, which is not needed when you’ve got ambitions to fulfill!

One thing which often spares people from feelings of depression or helplessness is a sense of control over their immediate or long term circumstances. A person should be able to walk away from an abusive relationship, for example, or voluntarily quit a stressful job. A psychological condition known as learned helplessness, however, can cause a person to feel completely powerless to change his or her circumstances for the better.

Though the truth is we’ve never really lost control at all. We just don’t see a light at that specific point in time, when people often come across a situation where they had repetitively failed before, then all their focus is on that past event discouraging them from any further motivation or hope.

So how can we fix this problem and shift the circumstances in our favour, to boost our self confidence, self worth, to take back control of our fate and move forward to fulfill our dreams?

I’m glad you asked! below I’ll give some advice that you can apply practically to any situation that you may feel is a too much of a challenge for yourself and to give you the breakthrough that you need to get you on the right track!

1. Clarify, Rectify and Simplify 

This method is a form of control that is available to anyone immediately at any time, not only can it help us move forward but it can help us define the situation more clearly, can build confidence in our problem solving skills; and get a definition of what the solution can be like.

once we have gained clarity (as I have mentioned in my previous article) into what the root and cause of the event can be, for example could it just be your mood? stress? or lack of sleep? I already know in your head you can already see the possible solutions to those 3 causes just I mentioned. Though once we find whatever is causing it we can easily begin to see the root cause, sometimes we can even find multiple causes!

Then this case it can actually benefit us. Seeing as not only will this add to our knowledge base, and gain clarity on the current situation to then find multiple solutions, also show us how to possibly prevent it from occurring again in the future, or allow us to handle it a lot more smoothly.

Which leads me to the next step is to rectify, now that we are focused on what the root cause is, we will need to visualize and conceive what the solution will look like. You would have to ask yourself “what would take the pain out of this situation right now? what would I want to happen that would give me the confidence I want to see this through?”

Once you have answered these questions, you will have the motivation to move forward, It will bring your mind to the present and help you be in control which is an asset that most people who lead a happy life have. To begin you will have to visualize the solution, vividly and what position you want to be in the current situation. Developing this skill of visualizing the solution will be a huge benefit to yourself, Even politicians and leaders use their vision to solve some of the biggest problems society faces today. This will help you find your way and method that you would feel the most comfortable with overcoming the situation.

So we got the vision and the root cause and it’s great now we just need a simplified way of achieving it. I often notice keeping it simple often gives the biggest impact, even investors who want financial success keep it simple for the problems they face. So that way instead of  the situation becoming a problem, you now have a simple way of handling it which will become a habit and you will overcome it once you have taken action time and time again without sweating it.

Because in my opinion with today’s faced pace environment anything that’s way too time consuming is not always recommended, because the challenges of life don’t wait for when you are ready! but you have the opportunity to be ready before you find yourself facing them.

2. Instead of giving up look for motivation

Motivation is recommended daily in anything we do, and this is no exception. We have a choice and we just need to be aware of it when faced with a challenging situation that can make you feel like giving up, that is just looking for that one reason or benefit to motivate us enough to jump up to see it through, rather than looking for a reason to give up. because giving up is not in the vocabulary of any successful person. Rest if you must, but keep on keeping on!

3. Consider The Best Case Scenario

Just a tip I thought I would include to help you with suggestions 1 and 2. When we consider the best case scenario and truly visualize it, we gain a natural sense of hope, and we find our reason to be motivated into action. It allows you to approach the challenge with a new perspective. 

It also hinders thinking of the worst case scenario and teaches the mind to be able to think more positive on a psychological level. Which can be very useful, most entrepreneurs and other successful people know that this is a very important asset to have at their disposal.

Once you begin to realize what’s possible you will then begin to see how great life can really be and not feel helpless at all instead you can start feeling confident and assured, you will reach a stage where you will gain self-actualization and nothing will stop you!

If you have anything you would like to add or suggest then please feel free to leave me a comment, thank you for reading and look forward to posting again very soon! I wish you all well!

Building resilience, how to overcome obstacles and be ahead of the game!

Resilience is key!

Resilience is key!

Let’s face it, when faced with the challenges of today’s environment, It’s absolutely a major asset to have a strong built inner resilience that you can rely on at any given time, those that cope extremely well have a resilience of standing strong and moving forward especially where other’s have been knocked down. after all it’s not great being out of the game and being left behind when we can be ahead…

In this post I will share a few effective suggestions that will help you bounce back up and see the light through any dark moment you should come across.

1. Strengthen your self esteem  Self esteem is absolutely vital from recovering after stressful and difficult situations. It’s also helpful when in future you will be faced with further situations which can prove to be challenging. being constantly reminded of your achievements will help build your inner strength and give you that confidence you need when faced with a similar difficult situation in the future.

People who also have mastered this ability tend to have a healthy respect for themselves they tend to like themselves more and are highly productive as they continuously desire to grow. They are more attractive, more pleasant to be around and give a good example of how contagious confidence can be. Find something you love about yourself, or think back to a time where you have accomplished something that you were really proud about and draw your strength from that. The more you do it the easier it becomes! The more your self worth grows and the more your self value expands, the more resilient you will feel! if you can trust me on this one the benefits will amaze you!

2. Learn to stay calm in all situations – When we learn to stay calm in all situations, not only does this allow things to go alot more smoothly, but may also turn the tides in your favor. Stress has proven itself to disrupt your thinking abilities when tackling challenging situations, it can also have many physical effects to your health and your emotions which are very unwanted and is a very useless emotion. Highly Successful people know this is absolutely essential and key to being resilient as it keeps them in control! to name a few such as Mark Bouris, Barack Obama, Manny Pacquiao, Jet Li, And Howard Schultz.

This will take practice but it’s very beneficial once you become competent. a few ways to reinforce your stability in staying calm include meditation, listening to calming music and playing that music in your head when faced with challenges, I recommend smooth jazz, classical music, piano sonata’s and some Cafe Del Mar. This will allow you to think clearly and discern situations without being hampered or disrupted allowing you to focus so you can remain in control.

3. Dominate your emotions, don’t be at their mercy – there’s a saying “one who masters their moods masters their destiny” and I couldn’t agree more! whoever imparted that wisdom onto others was a bright spark indeed! The good news is if we learn to identify all emotions then we can better manage them! all emotions are triggered by a certain thought whether it’s concious or sub-conscious they dictate how we feel. If we can stay in control of our thoughts then we can stay in control of our emotions.

If you allow your emotions to flow freely you are able to gain insight into what’s causing them which will help you manage the more difficult ones and resolve them with much more ease, elevating you into a much more positive emotion and diffusing the negative ones helping you remain resilient and strong.  I recommend reading this article if you would like certain methods on knowing how to master them.

4. Try to understand your frustrations rather than fall to them – It’s easy for people to start feeling frustrated, but once we learn to understand how it came to that point, right to the root core of how it all worked out. we are easily able to see a solution to achieve satisfaction should we encounter moments like that again. Can you put your frustration or problems into words? can you discern it in it’s entirety? with clearness and definition? once you have found the answers, then you will be able to see the solution more clearly and easily hence diffusing your frustration because you know how the problem works and you know exactly how to fix it with the solution, so that when faced with other situations in the future you will remain more confident and resilient because you will have more faith in your own ability to discern and diffuse it and you will then achieve satisfaction a lot more gracefully!

5. Think positive adopt an optimistic approach – thinking positive will not only help you stay resilient but it will also help you identify opportunities where other’s don’t! There is so much power behind positive thinking, and is a power that is accessible at any given time! It’s what makes people more empowered, it’s what builds relationships, it’s the force that makes businesses thrive! optimistic people also live longer and lead healthier lives and also have a higher chance of good things that can happen to them because they believe in it.

I recommend finding something to be grateful for if you’re not naturally optimistic, because this will allow you to shift your emotions to a deep sense of gratification and allow you to have a huge wave of positive thoughts! This method has changed peoples lives for the better! improved their financial stability, attained great rewards and achieved more satisfying lives through this method.

6. Sharpen and enhance your problem solving skills – this is absolutely vital for staying resilient and overcoming any obstacle! successful and powerful people embrace this and I suggest if you want a change then you do so as well! take up a few activities that will cultivate this, attempt to solve riddles! do a find a word! play puzzle games! do simple arithmetic excercises! these will all keep your skills sharpened and the brain active so that less brain power is needed in getting through those hurdles that hold you back in life and you can spend more time moving forward to achieving your next goal.

7. Find something to draw your strength from and build from it! – ever watched a movie that made you feel in touch with your inner strength? or listen to an inspiring uplifting piece of music? or do you feel more grounded from doing gardening or cleaning? Then I recommend thinking back to that moment often and taking these moments of strength with you into new challenges also dwell on them. A few movies I recommend watching are Rocky Balboa, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Great Debaters, Men of Honor, The Last Samurai and my personal favourite Fearless!  drawing your strength from movies or great moments where you went against all odds and came out on top will help you grow your confidence and inner strength and eventually improve your outlook and you will find yourself feeling a lot more stronger and empowered to go out and make a difference, you will believe in yourself!

8. Practice a martial art – practising a martial art can not only inspire confidence it strengthens your body and your mind! You can also make new friends and learn some vital life lessons, you can also develop a stronger sense of grounding which can help with your resilience and discipline your mind. It’s also great for to give you your much needed exercise and can also keep you safe. Celebrities practice martial arts to keep themselves performing at their peak and help them stay grounded.  it also helps with your mood and provides many more health benefits for your body such as cardiovascular improvements, can also aid those with weight loss and it’s a fun way to workout!

With a bit of practice on one of your preferred ways you feel appeals to you the most. you will notice that soon you will be strong and still able to grow in the most difficult of times. The only question is how much time will you invest into them to ensure having this asset of resilience will give you peace of mind in times of need? if you have any suggestions or feedback then please leave them for me I am more than happy to see them. Once again thank you for reading and I wish you all well!

Business feeling a bit slow? How to speed growth and maintain it!


Find yourself sitting around in your office all day and the calls are just not coming in? feeling things are a bit too quiet but would like to spark up some energy and grow your business? Then you’ll be glad to know you’re not the only business owner who’s feeling this way.

With today’s environment and forecast on the economy, most entrepreneurs would think that this would most likely to be only someone’s ideal dream. But truth be told there are fast growing and strong businesses. Growing with the right approach and knowing how to get where they want to be. They have displayed resilience and strong grounding to still grow in this turbulent economy.

A few businesses I can name such as Tridant, Instagram,, Bluefin Payments, Adroll, BIOPAK, Zen Energy, and also the well renowned Instagram. These entrepreneurs have turned over millions in just 3 years from scratch for their businesses. Which gives me hope in a company where everyone’s filled with uncertainty and gloom on our financial outlook on the global economy. Below are a few suggestions and opinions I’d like to share with you on how to speed growth and maintain it for your business.

Define and Refine!

We all need to know what would be the definition of fast growth for our own business. it is critical to sit down and look through what tasks you would need to do, what skills are needed for the execution of those tasks, what systems can be implemented to ensure those tasks are completed more efficiently to free up funds and time for more pressing matters that need to be handled. Then Refine them to see if there are any smarter ways to increase the quality on the output of work. I recommend once or twice a month is sufficient enough once your business is flowing smoothly and running seamlessly.

Be Innovative, savvy and shiny!

When it comes to innovative, savvy, and shiny concepts  I believe Disney has mastered it! some of their attractions are just mind blowing, giving their customers an amazing experience that their competitors just aren’t able to match. at their disney land resort they placed a dream home with integrated digital technology that allows the 5,000 square foot estate to interact with itself inside and the community outside! it is just one of the concepts they have as an attraction at their Disney land resort part of which is known as tomorrowland to attract their customers. It’s a home that allows customers to see where you could sit down at your dinning table and have the customer interact with the dinning table to turn on the kettle which is only 5 metres away on the kitchen top!

or how about having control of the whole room from your lounge room chair with an interactive screen glass table that is able to adjust the mood lighting, the tv volume, open and close electric powered doors or even lock the front door? smart home technologies is already being developed right now as you’re reading this for the homes of the future! and these entrepreneurs know when it comes to business having that wow factor like Disney and being innovative with products like this is just as important for business growth, it creates a fascinating and an amazing experience for your customers and they will remember your brand for years to come!

Network and build relationships that are genuine!

There’s always the saying “Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!” This is true. having valuable contacts that can bring great resources and benefits to growing your business is always a godsend! but in turn we must ensure we also be prepared to be willing to be an asset to our contacts!! As they can not only bring valuable assets and resources but they can also bring, new information Keep you updated on current events also bring referrals – the list of benefits goes on! so if you consider yourself to be a people person. Then this will be a walk in the park for you!

Build a product that is highly convenient and that people will rely on heavily!

When you have a product that will take the pain out of work for your customers and is proven reliable. Then you’re definitely onto something highly profitable. Also a benefit of this I have learned that even if your product is priced more than your competitors, if your product is more convenient, they don’t care how much they have to spend! people pay alot more for the fact that it can save them time, or if it is less effort required to get a better result whilst using your products.

Convenience wins in the end,You can take the internet for example! from the moment they commercialised the internet to the public and have integrated a platform where users can access the web from their mobile phone’s people have been spending more time online than ever before! Thanks to social networking sites providing a convenient and fast way for people to communicate and interact with eachother has made entrepreneurs that started in their bedroom’s to multi billionaire internet giants with fast growth in other sectors.

Tap into people’s addictions and emotions.

Well I gotta admit this tactic isn’t new to the seasoned entrepreneur but I find it’s vital if you want sustainability in a fast growing business.

When coca-cola introduced in 1886, The prototype Coca-Cola recipe was formulated at the Eagle Drug and Chemical Company, a drugstore in Colum bus, Georgia, by John Pemberton, originally as a coca wine called Pemberton’s French Wine Coca. It originally was intentionally designed to be used as a medicine to cure fatigue and headaches. People loved the taste they felt emotionally refreshed from drinking it and found their bodies began to crave it which some people found pretty addictive because of the caffeine content! not only that Coca-Cola’s marketing strategies were very well targeted, their red coloured logo has all been designed to trigger a specific emotion. Now I personally don’t condone using strategies that can have devastating effects on people’s health! but I would suggest a way that would not only be beneficially healthy to the customer, but healthy to your business growth and sustainability to thrive and grow.

For example something that people would find extremely fun! the gaming industry proves that having a product that is addictive and fun that also can kill stress levels! it has grown to be worth more than $74 billion dollars and is forecasted to be $115 billion dollars by the year 2015 also playing video games has beneficial effects on the brain!

Specifically, video games seem to induce plasticity in the visual cortex — an area of the brain which influences how well you see and pay attention to objects in your visual field.

Bavelier and her colleagues have found that gamers are faster and more effective at filtering out irrelevant information and spotting targets in a cluttered scene. The size of their field of vision and their ability to track different moving objects in it is greater.

Blizzard the gaming company responsible for releasing games such as world of warcraft, diablo 1, 2 and 3, also the classic starcraft has hit $1 Billion in profit 2012 and yes that is NET profit!

If you are able to incorporate these tips into designing your next project or adopt them with a new product you’ll see faster growth and sustainability in no time at all, the only question you have to ask yourself is what you need to start doing?
I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any suggestions comments or opinions I welcome you to leave them for me.

Additional sources: BRW,  Forbes, Under30ceo,

How to overcome cognitive decline, boost intelligence and mental clarity.

It’s no fun when you forget where you left your keys just 5 minutes ago, forget someone’s name, or trying to remember what you were going to say in a middle of a conversation when you just had it! Most people can find this annoying and have a downright impact on their mental wellbeing and even their confidence.

This mostly experienced by middle-aged adults who are highly prone to cognitive decline as neuroscientists say, can have an impact on their life in so many ways whether it be personal life or their professional career. Cognitive decline is a condition that does not discriminate and can effect anybody. Thinking is essentially a process of making neural connections in the brain.  To a certain extent, our ability to excel in making the neural connections that drive intelligence is inherited.

Which can help improve our social interactions, enhance problem solving capabilities, and to also help us relax easier as our brain is more competent and confident in handling situations where a certain degree of skilled thinking is required.

Researchers found that after just 14 days of following healthy lifestyle strategies, study participants’ brain metabolism decreased in working memory regions, suggesting an increased efficiency — so the brain didn’t have to work as hard to accomplish tasks.

So on the bright side with the right “mental exercise” you can claim back your brain and stay mentally fit and be as sharp as a knife!

I would like to list a few suggestions… or mental workouts


if you like… That you could use if you would like to improve your cognitive abilities.

Perform mental calculations spend at least 15 or 30 mins a day – This enhances your analytical and problem skill functions. It’s no secret why some of the richest people e.g Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Lee Byung-chul (founder of Samsung) and also claimed to be one of South Korea’s most successful businessman, have accomplished great feats in their life and they have their mental workouts to thank for it.cognitive functions and your mental functionality and overall lead to a happier more fulfilling life.

2. Read things inverse! – Signs, Names, Instructions! this challenges your brain and also forces it to create more neuro-connections boosting creativity in your brain.

3.Think for 30 minutes a day about one subject exclusively. Start with five minutes. – They say one of the our brains greatest capability is to focus on one single thing at a time!

4. Do a puzzle! matching objects! spotting the differences! mazes! conundrums! keeps you mentally fit and sharp to handle anything ahead of you!

6. Reading riddles! – The whole thinking process can be both entertaining and at the same time satisfying once you have solved them.

7. Play Sudoku – A great game which is a combination of maths and a puzzle which you need to fill in blank spaces in a certain order in order to complete the game and win!

8. Act like a teacher to your self – rather than just remembering the steps! pretend your teaching it to yourself, most people find this more engaging to them and keeps them focused.

Also if you love to use computers and would like to turn your laptop, iPad, tablet or desktop pc into your own personal mental workout machine then I recommend a few sites below to keep you sharp and polished!

1. Lumosity -This site I find is fantastic! founded by neurological experts, It’s not only a place to exercise your mental skills, but gives you a personally – tailor-made mental workout program that gives you feedback on your results as you progress and measures your achievements as you go along and adjusts its challenge level for each activity as your cognitive functions improve.

2. MentalWorkout – A website that for price of a restaurant made meal, allows you to download an application that they promise will help – give freedom from stress and social-success, each program is created with a scientifical approach by an expert to ensure integrity and quality of their apps.

3. HAPPYneuron – This site is very appealing to me because not only do they offer tracking tool that gives you feedback of your progress, but they give you your very own personal coach to guide you through each program! they can assist in developing your: 

and executive function abilities. To help you stay on top of your game anytime you see fit!

So I encourage you to take a small step and make a commitment to yourself make it happen! If you have any suggestions or tips you would like to share! I would be very interested if you could share them in the comment’s below!

Thanks for reading and I wish you well!

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