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Wealth comes from within…

Hello lightsworth readers,

It’s good to see many supporters so far and I have to say I’m glad to see many emails and comments with positive feedback so before I start this post I dedicate this thank you to yourself for taking the time to also seek out what I’ve said.

To those people who struggle financially, or who who feel they have been deprived in any aspect in their life, I speak directly to you.

We-heart-it-2-5Those who live in abundance know to appreciate the good in life and they can create their own wealth. Most people think wealth comes externally from circumstances, this is false wealth is a way of living a mindset and it comes from within yourself, to shift the circumstances in your favour, to stay in control in situations where you face risks and turn them around into a victory.

Wealthy people help others, by giving something of value to them whether it’s a service, or a product such as food, cars, clothing, medicine etc… This is because people are not going to give you their money without getting something of value in return for it. Wealthy people may not only receive money, they also receive support, resources and new relationships that allow them to grow stronger.

If you help enough people get what they want, you get what you want! But they do so with a purpose, if you have found your true purpose you will move forward naturally and fluidly with ease and grace because you will find the path you need to get to where you want to be.

People who are wealthy, the one’s who have built their wealth from scratch also share a few common traits, they remain stable on the inside when they face a problem, they are problem solvers, they share ideas, solutions, resources in order to achieve goals, they give lessons from their experiences whatever they can do, they communicate cause they do believe communication solves all problems.


They also live in the present, they thrive in the “here-and-now” because that’s where all our power lives, it’s a true saying “we have nothing but the moment” and the wise abundant people of wealth understand it well, they take action and they calculate risks and how to eliminate them before the move forward. Sometimes they are bold but are not gullible.

To start I recommend reading a book by Chris Hurn, he is a business owner and a person that knows how to create wealth from experience, he offers insights and demonstrates how to do so, buy a copy of his book by simply clicking on the image, empower yourself and take charge, I wish you all best of luck and if you would like to communicate with me with any support on your need I am here to help.


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